5 Biggest Benefits of Installing Patio Covers

You’ve built a patio on to your home. Of course, the first weekend you decide to use it the weatherman is calling for heavy showers. Guess you’ll have to call off the BBQ.

You wouldn’t have to if you would have installed a patio cover. Not only do they make your patio usable all year round but they will protect your wood and furniture from water damage from the upcoming storm. They also look nice and add value to your home.

To help you see the full potential of patio covers, here is a quick guide on what one can do for you.

1. Keeps Things Cool 

Patio covers act as your home’s first line of defense against the sun’s harsh rays. Really, it’s the first thing that the sunlight hits. Once it’s hit, it will direct the sun’s rays away.

This will cool not only your patio but your entire home as well. The best part of this, a cooler home means your AC has to work less. This makes for a cheaper power bill.

2. Prevent Sun Damage 

Over time the sun beating down on your furniture will cause it to flake and peel. Again, the cover reflects the suns rays away from your home and the patio furniture. This will keep it looking great for years without needing replacements.

3. It Makes Your Patio More Accessible

Going back to our example from the beginning, if you don’t have a cover then you can say goodbye to your plans if it happens to rain. If you have a cover then you can enjoy the patio no matter what the weather is like outside.

If you want to go flip burgers on the patio in the freezing snow then you do that. You have no more limitations.

4. Prevent Weather Exposure

A cover will protect your furniture from more than the sun. It will keep them safe against rain and other inclement weather as well. It won’t stop at protecting your furniture.

It will save your deck in general. For example, snow and ice will destroy wooden patios. A cover will keep it safe.

5. Ups the Value of Your Home 

Things such as patios and patio covers can up the value of your home if you ever sell it. Other people like the idea of being able to spend unlimited outside time with their family as much as you do. This makes it a pretty good investment to make.

Why Patio Covers Are a Great Idea  

If you’re tired of your outdoor events getting interrupted by freak rain showers then you should consider adding on a patio cover. They will allow you to have unlimited time outside and they protect your furniture.

Patio covers also up the value of your home so, there is no reason not to have one installed. Start enjoying the outdoors again.

Have you decided that a patio cover is the perfect thing to suit your needs? Contact us to get started.