Taking Meal Time Outside: The Top Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Oh no.

You forgot you agreed to host your nephew’s 21st birthday party this summer, and it’s this Friday.

There’s so much to do! How is your house going to survive that much prepping, cooking, clattering, pushing, shoving…

Wait, that’s right. You’ve got an outdoor kitchen. No more bumping elbows. Everyone gets to talk and laugh as loud as they like. In fact, all that chopping and grilling is going to be half the entertainment.

We think it’s obvious why every house in a warm place like Texas should have an outdoor kitchen. But if you insist, we’ll lay out the facts.

Read on to learn what makes this set up so wonderful. For starters…

What Makes an Outdoor Kitchen Different?

Plenty of homeowners have a grill and basic cooking supplies outside already. But a full-blown outdoor kitchen is a whole different ball game.

A real outdoor kitchen includes at least one durable kitchen island complete with running water and counter space to prepare raw food. It’ll have a fridge for storing ingredients and leftovers, and a matching trash/compost bin.

Most importantly, it needs at least one heat source built to last the elements. No cheap, tiny, roller BBQ’s here. Outdoor kitchen grills can be built however you like, but they’re typically stainless steel and installed firmly in the rest of an island countertop.

With more space than a typical kitchen, you have the option of getting a smoker and even a pizza oven next to your grill. Many families opt for a bar cart as well for drinks and cocktails.

Getting hungry yet?

Here’s why going the extra mile for a high-quality outdoor kitchen is worth the investment:

Create a Gorgeous Entertainment Space

Kitchen islands outside create an exciting new place to entertain more guests than ever.

As opposed to a standard grill by itself, additional kitchen islands save you from constant trips for more plates, to wash hands, or to grab more ingredients. You have everything you need to experiment with new food styles and serve everyone without ever having to leave the patio.

Your friends and family will be able to enjoy the garden while continuing to chat with you as you prepare. No more cramming around the dining room table or crowding your indoor kitchen.

Grill smoke and luscious smells—without setting off the fire alarm—are a fun perk, too.  

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

You can expect to get 100-200 percent back on your investment if you make smart choices while building your outdoor kitchen.

Keep the local climate in mind, and don’t expect every future home buyer to get as excited about all the same bells and whistles as you. But typically, most people see this outdoor amenity as a huge bonus, like a swimming pool or firepit.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home any time soon, cooking outdoors can help you cut costs inside. Instead of cranking up the AC to compensate for hot stoves during the summer, cooking outside helps you keep your home cool.

Sounds like a little luxury can go a long way!

Make as Many Changes As You Want

Inside the house, you can’t just add a second oven or rip out the sink without seriously disrupting your family routine.

Indoor kitchen renovations cost an average of $23,382 if you don’t try anything crazy like changing the layout of the room. Many indoor kitchen remodeling projects cost upwards of $30-50k to truly transform the feel and functionality.

With your outdoor kitchen, you don’t have put your whole family’s life on hold to radically change your cooking space. You have more freedom to move kitchen islands around on a whim, and you don’t have to worry about disrupting the layout and foundation of the rest of your house.

You can decide to start small and add more counter space when you’re able to afford it. Some homeowners go as far as adding flat-screen TVs, armchairs, and their favorite drinks on tap.

Or, you can easily change your mind and get rid of the Tiki-themed outdoor bar that sounded like a great idea six months ago. Without having to check as many zoning codes, you can swap pieces of your patio/back yard kitchen in an out quickly.

This makes an outdoor kitchen easy to adapt to your family’s needs each year.

If all this hasn’t convinced you yet…

Consider This Before You Get Grilling:

How often do you cook on a grill already? If the answer is twice a week or more in the summer months, you’ll love the convenience of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen appliances and extra counter space will save you time and hassle.

Do you love to grill even during the “off-season”? If you appreciate a well-smoked ham for the holidays more than the average person, get an outdoor kitchen. You’ll be able to fire up the grill during colder months with more weather protection and comfort.

Can you keep affording NOT to cook and entertain outside? You don’t have to risk a mess inside to keep hosting dinners and parties. Bring the party outside to enjoy more leg room and faster clean up.

Diamond Decks Outdoor Kitchens

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