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Local Pergola Builders: Arbors, Gazebos, and Trellis

At Diamond Decks, we specialize in building pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and trellises. Looking for local pergola builders? Add some shelter from the sun and bring transformative beauty to your backyard today.

Custom Made Pergolas, Arbors, Gazebos, and Trellises

At Diamond Decks, we’re experts in building and constructing pergolas in San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding areas. Adding a pergola to your backyard space is a great way to enjoy the outdoor aesthetic of your home. Better, it’s the perfect place to commune with neighbors, friends, and family.

Of course, another great reason to add a pergola to your home is because of the warm weather of San Antonio. Worry not – Diamond Decks employs a team of local pergola builders. We’re standing by and ready to design and build the most beautiful outdoor pergolas.

Looking for something similar to a pergola? Diamond Decks also carries expertise in building arbors, gazebos, and trellises. Whether you’re looking for a place in the shade or want to host a gathering, we have various outdoor options for you. Schedule an appointment today or keep reading to learn more.

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Differentiating Outdoor Structures

Many refer to any outdoor structure as a pergola. While they share characteristics, each has distinct differences that distinguish them from the others. Here are the differences between pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and trellises.


Trellises are garden structures used to support plants and trees. They can be installed alone or can be part of an arbor, gazebo, or pergola wall. In general, trellises have an open, lattice framework that allows plants to grow unobstructed. However, they provide little to no shade or shelter.


Gazebos can add entire outdoor rooms to your backyard or deck. Typically placed towards the outer edge of the backyard, gazebos can be round or polygon-shaped. They can seat many people, and can even come with bench seats installed. Gazebos have open walls, though they can also incorporate trellises. Gazebos are the most expensive outdoor structure to build and require a permit.


Arbors are considered the simplest garden structure that provides shelter while greatly enhancing the space. Arbors are structures with arched roofs used as entrances or gateways and may be used to separate two different garden areas. Sometimes, their roofs can incorporate trellises to allow for plant growth.


Pergolas borrow characteristics from arbors, trellises, and gazebos. Pergolas have slatted roofs that provide shade while allowing plants to grow. They can be attached to your deck or be standalone. Pergola roofs can also be curved like arbors, and trellises can be added to enhance their look overall. Best of all, despite combining aspects of all three, they’re the least expensive to build.

High-Quality San Antonio Pergola Builders

At Diamond Deck, our deck contractors have 30 years of combined experience in designing and building pergolas in San Antonio. Whether you’re looking for pergola builders or gazebo contractors, we have the creative solutions to bring to life your backyard.

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Looking To Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Our team of local pergola builders is ready and willing to design and build your outdoor structure. That’s not all – we also have trellis contractors, gazebo builders, and arbor architects.

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