Weighing the Pros and Cons: 6 of the Best Patio Covers For Outdoor Entertainment

So you are tired of sitting in the sun on your patio and have decided to add a patio cover to your deck.

You don’t just want any cover. You want one of the best patio covers for entertaining and comfort.

Something that will be inviting to your guest when you are entertaining.

You need to make the right selection of materials for durability that is right for your climate and budget.

Where to Start Selecting the Best Patio Covers

The first thing you need to decide on is the materials you will use for your patio cover. You might feel a little lost over how to find the right one, thinking about the seemingly endless number of available options.

Your selection of material is essential because this will affect the quality of your deck covers.

Materials should be strong enough to withstand the elements for quite a while, but lightweight at the same time.

Lightweight materials are easier to handle, don’t hold as much heat and help to keep you comfortable while you’re enjoying yourself under it.

What are the Best Patio Covers Made Of

There are many options for patio cover materials that are durable and lightweight that you can choose.

Selecting the right one for your home and the climate you live in is a big part of having the best one for entertainment and over-all comfort.

1. Wood

It’s available in a sizable selection of types, colors, and textures, most of which can be great for upgrading your home. Its stunning appearance can include a remarkable price.

If you are planning on doing it yourself, wood is easy to cut, stain and doesn’t require any specialized tools.

Wood is beautiful but is also has high maintenance requirements. It will need to be sanded and repainted every few years.

Extending the life of wood patio covers can be a challenge since they can also warp, peel and can rot if not treated properly.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is pretty much maintenance free and comes in many colors and textures.

Vinyl is easy to work with and cut, plus it is much lighter than wood, though it can be more expensive.

Vinyl has low maintenance requirements. If you want a patio cover that does not need to be sanded or stained every couple of years, proceed with plastic.

Vinyl will if exposed continuously to the sun, fade over time.

3. Aluminum

Now here’s a substance that is the definition of the”powerful but lightweight” qualification.

Aluminum can offer superb protection from the elements, and it is also can be among the more expensive.

It last a long time so it is more than sufficient to offset cost due to its natural qualities that are very durable and long lasting.

It is light but not as easy to work with as wood or vinyl. You will need some tools specifically for working with aluminum. It can also be very sharp on a cut edge, so the right safety wear is essential.

You won’t have to deal with cracking or rotting because it is free of these concerns.

4. Tiled Roof

A nicely sloped tiled roof is most likely the most labor-intensive from a do-it-yourself perspective. A tiled roof should last the longest and be virtually maintenance free.

This kind of roof is usually an extension of your homes roof, so consult your local building inspector before you lift a hammer.

It’s possible to decrease labor by purchasing prefabricated roof trusses to match your design.

5. Fiberglass Sheeting

Fiberglass or IBR sheets along with organic materials like grass and thatch are suitable for topping off a deck area.

Grass and thatch are easily acquired when grown locally and very cost effective.

You will need to treat them before installing them over your deck.

6. Cloth Covering

A covering made of cloth, such as canvas, is the cheapest, and they are also much less durable and will need a replacement sooner than other options like wood, aluminum or fiberglass.

Though cloth is cheap, if that is what fits your budget and adequately taken care of, you can get years out of a cloth patio cover to make the most of your money.

Making The Right Choice for Your Home and Budget

When you are ready to modify your house, like a new deck, you want to make the right choice for your budget.

Once you have decided on a deck or patio, to make your deck something that you can enjoy in most weather, of course, a cover for your deck is what you need.

Once you have decided that you are putting a cover over your patio, you’ll want a good design. How do you want it to look? What are the design and local ordinance requirements?

So now, how do you determine if you should go with a traditional wood patio cover, a lattice patio cover or something else?

How do you choose which alternative is the most cost-effective for you personally? The answer is, hire a professional.

Getting The Project Done

Hiring professionals to set up and design the best patio covers not only makes your project go smoothly. You also know it is being done correctly and to the local code.

Now let’s discuss the steps of how to select the ideal people for the job. There is usually plenty of builders to choose from, who offer patio cover builds you can find locally.

1. Before contacting any builder, you will want to contact the local builders association in your area. They will have a list of licensed builders from your area you can use to find your contractor.

2. Meet with the builder and see if they are a fit for what you want. Ask for references and if they are willing, the locations of finished jobs, so you can see their work first hand.

3. Finally, call the better business bureau in your area and see if there are any lawsuits or a pending judgment’s against the companies you have narrowed your list too.

You want your patio cover done right, no question. The steps above will help you identify the perfect builder for your job.

Having a new patio cover built can be a significant investment, and you don’t want to waste your money with the wrong builder.

There’s no reason to wonder if you are hiring the right company with us, we do the job right so contact us today and see for yourself!