Tips to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

Your patio is a happening place in the summertime. Who doesn’t want to be outdoors when the weather is nice? Rather than go inside when the temperatures outside rise, why not find ways to make your patio cooler? When you work with Diamond Decks, it’s easy to screen in that space so that you’re able to take advantage of the shade, too.

The Advantages of Screening In a Porch

There are distinct advantages to having a screened-in porch. It encloses the space so that it can be used year round. It also allows for the addition of shades which helps you control the temperature on the patio. You can block out the sun when it is the hottest which is around 3 PM.

This energy-efficient solution is one that benefits the whole family as everyone has their favorite time of day to be outdoors in the summer. Yours might be in the morning so you can tend to the garden without fear of sunburn. Your kids might enjoy the afternoon where they can swim and eat popsicles while listening to their favorite music.

Beat the Heat with These Cool Suggestions

If you don’t want to screen in the patio, there are other ideas that will benefit you equally. You can select the right option for you as you know your needs better than anyone else. If you’re not unfazed by the summer sun, you can dress in lightweight clothing, wear a cool towel around your neck, and slather on the sunscreen.

Here are some additional ways to keep your patio cool this summer:

  • If you don’t have a screened-in porch, add an awning that you can raise and lower. A retractable awning offers you a layer of protection throughout the day. If your patio faces the sun, you’ll find it handy to be able to lower it when you want to cool things down and raise it when you don’t mind getting more heat.
  • Add a bar. When refreshment is just steps away, it makes it easier to cool down when needed. This is especially the case if you have a pool and plan to do a lot of grilling and eating outside this season. You have options that make the space more tolerable even when it’s hot outside. You could easily take a dip in the pool and drink a cold refreshment while you dry before going back inside. If adult libations are in store, check out what Buzzine has to say about building your own drink bar. You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood when you have everyone over for Margaritas or Bloody Marys.
  • Use a patio mister. Remember the devices that you find at amusement parks and festivals? Easy to install and budget-friendly, a mister provides a steady mist of water while the sun bakes everything outdoors. You can turn it off when you’re not using it so you’re able to control costs better. That way, you’re not wasting water or electricity by leaving it on when no one is outdoors to enjoy it.
  • Consider a pergola or umbrella. You have options that exist past a screened-in porch. It depends on the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. You could easily have a patio cover installed, too. That’s what makes working with a company like Diamond Decks ideal. You get the custom design that you want so that you’re able to truly enjoy the space that you have built outside your home. A gallery filled with images of past work is available for you to look at whenever it is convenient for you. You’ll see how each space captures the look and feel of the home it shares property with.
  • Install ceiling fans. You’re able to circulate the cooler air throughout the space effectively. Ceiling fans are a great addition to outdoor spaces. They’re quite the norm in warmer weather states where the humidity is high even as the seasons change. One of the pluses to buying and installing ceiling fans is that there are a number of different styles to choose from. This gives you endless options as to how to make your space appear cozy and like an extension of your home. You can easily alternate the speeds of the fan, too, so that you’re able to get the desired amount of air flowing through the space.


Keep your patio cool this summer. You’ve got solutions for soaring temperatures. You don’t have to avoid the space that you love so much because it’s hot outside.

Make Diamond Decks Your First Choice for a Screened In Patio or Pergola

Let Diamond Decks help you get more use out of your patio this summer. There are plenty of ways to make it cooler. It’s all a matter of preference and budget. It’s one investment that everyone in the family will agree works well.