The Latest Home Trends in Pergola Design

If you are interested in making the most of your home property, it’s important that you get to know the different trends that are in style today. When you can fix up your home with a remodel, you will add more value to your home and make it look amazing.

The home remodeling industry has a close to $111 billion market size right now.

Make sure you focus on outdoor remodels every bit as much as indoors. Adding a pergola to your landscape is one of the best remodeling decisions that you can make.

These tips will give you an understanding of the current pergola design trends so that you understand what brings the most value and aesthetic quality.

Understanding What a Pergola Is and Why People Love Them

Before you get into the odds and ends of design principles, make sure that you get to know what pergolas are and what makes them special. A pergola is An outdoor structure that is open air but provides boundaries similar to a room.

In most situations, a pergola is a free-standing structure, but some homeowners choose to attach a new pergola to their home. These structures are built in several different shapes and sizes and can bring you a lot of benefits.

There are several advantages of pergolas such as:

  • It helps you make the most of your landscape space
  • You get to create angles and flow
  • They add partitions that establish function and purpose
  • You get an easy-to-install standalone fixture
  • There are a variety of options

So, which pergola design principles should you keep in mind?

Consider the Materials

If you’re looking to add a pergola to your outdoor space, start by figuring out the materials. These structures are made from different types of materials, such as lumber, aluminum, composite, and thermoplastics.

The material that you choose will affect the appearance of your pergola, along with its weather resistance, maintenance, cleaning, and overall quality. These materials have different lifespans, so make sure to choose the one you need based on how long you intend to keep the pergola.

Match Them With Your Outdoor Landscaping

Next, be sure that you consider the rest of your outdoor landscaping plans when you’re designing a pergola. This means looking at colors, angles, and styles that complement your outdoor seating areas, furniture, brick pavers, and any other fixtures.

Make sure to also choose a pergola that matches the style and design of your home so that it fits the overall theme of your property.

Cover Your Backyard Patio

A pergola is a perfect tool to transform your deck or patio for the better. These structures can provide cover to your patio so that you have shade whenever you’re outside.

This shade also helps to prevent too much sunlight from shining into your home. When too much light shines into your home, it can make you run the air conditioner more, which will cause your energy bills to get more expensive.

Too much sun can also create more glare inside of your home, making it difficult to see the TV and causing you to squint.

Having a cover for your deck or patio could be particularly beneficial if you live somewhere that gets sunshine and hot weather for several months of the year.

Use it to Expand Your Porch

When you install a new pergola, it can expand your porch both visually and functionally. You’ll be able to choose a covered pergola that gives you shielding from the rain, so you can stay outside longer enjoying time on your porch.

It also makes your porch more of an impressive structure and can offer you a great ROI and more curb appeal. Ask a pergola builder to take measurements of your porch and give you advice on which styles will match it the best.

Add Privacy and Seclusion

Many homeowners appreciate having little private nooks in their backyards. Your arbor builder can add privacy and seclusion to your yard space by adding a well-placed pergola.

This gives you an amazing little retreat where you can collect your thoughts and enjoy your yard. It goes well with a pool or hot tub and adds dimensions to your yard that make it aesthetically unique.

Cover it in Plants

One of the great things about pergolas is that you can let the plants around them grow absolutely wild. Many people plant seeds right behind the structure and arrange them so that the plants grow through the nooks and crannies.

This provides a rustic and natural style and provides a picturesque structure that you will appreciate no matter where it is installed in your yard.

Create an Entrance for Your Garden

Pergolas can also be used to create entrances and exits throughout your yard. You can create a walkway to your garden, and having people walk through the pergola to get to it creates a majestic feeling and highlights the beauty of your yard.

This matches function with style while creating boundaries and separation.

Get the Best Pergola Design

If you are a homeowner that is looking to get the most out of your property, make sure you consider outdoor space as much as indoor space. The way that you design a new pergola will make a difference.

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