The 6 Best Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Your Backyard Patio

Installing an outdoor fireplace in your Texas backyard is a wonderful way to bring the entire family together. It’s also a great reason to entertain guests. A fireplace presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to huddle around and come close together to take in all the warmth while telling stories, chit-chatting, or roasting marshmallows.

You know you want to incorporate an outdoor fireplace on the deck or patio, but you’re not sure what type of fireplace to build. Maybe you don’t know where exactly in the backyard to put the fireplace. Maybe, you simply don’t know how to incorporate it into your already-designed backyard oasis.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to offer you several outdoor fireplace ideas we know you’re going to love. Check out all of these great ideas before deciding which one you might want to use or let inspire you.

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1. Rustic In-Ground Fireplace

There are many creative ways to build a fireplace in a backyard. One way of doing so is by building an in-ground fireplace. In-ground fireplaces are ideal for keeping everyone’s feet nice and cozy.

These types of fireplaces are also the best kind for avid marshmallow roasters. In-ground fireplaces make it much easier for multiple people to gather around and make s’mores or other foods. If these are the kinds of nights you picture in your mind when thinking of an outdoor fireplace, then a beautiful rustic in-ground fireplace might be the best option for you.

You can choose a round in-ground fireplace or a different shape that might work better with your current backyard design. The choice is yours!

2. Fireplace With Mantle and TV

One of the best things about installing an outdoor fireplace is how it turns a deck or patio into an outdoor living space. Think of all the nights you spent inside rather than outside to avoid the cold, dark, or bugs. An outdoor fireplace helps to eliminate all of those factors, making it easier and more enjoyable to spend evenings outdoors.

If you have a covered deck or patio, then a fireplace with a mantel and chimney is perfect. The chimney will direct all of the smoke up and into the air above the covered area. You won’t have to worry about fire hazards or too much smoke floating around.

The mantle also provides the perfect place for a television. Once you install a TV over your outdoor fireplace, all you need is an outdoor rug and sofa to create a space you never want to leave.

3. Poolside Fireplace

If you have a pool in your backyard, then you need to complete it with a poolside fireplace. A fireplace right next to the pool is one of the best ways to help keep everyone warm as soon as they step out of the pool. A gas fireplace is a good option for something like this because you can have it ready within seconds.

The idea of having a fireplace so close to the swimming pool will also tempt more people to take a dive since they know they have an immediate source of warmth as soon as they get out. Imagine the children playing and swimming in the pool while the adults sit back and relax around the fireplace. It’s a true paradise.

4. Outdoor Fireplace Connected to the Home

Building an outdoor fireplace doesn’t mean you have to go far. You can install the outdoor fireplace connected to your home. One that’s connected to your home’s structure allows you to sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze as you cuddle next to the fireplace and still be within a few footsteps of your kitchen or living room.

This is ideal for those with young children who want to keep an eye on them while sitting outside. It’s also beneficial for those who enjoy cooking and want to sit by the fireplace while waiting for the food in the oven to be done. When needed, you can quickly step right back into your home and still keep an eye on everything while outside.

5. Outdoor Fireplace Seating Area

If you’re going to install a new fireplace outdoors, then you must consider the idea of installing a seating area as well. You can have the seating installed around the fireplace as one piece that flows together. A round bench that encircles the fireplace is a great way to provide ample seating for everything to comfortably gather around.

You can also place your own outdoor seats around the first place as well. Don’t forget to consider installing an outdoor bench swing to go around it too! The more seating, the better.

6. Outdoor Kitchen Fireplace

Imagine a stunning outdoor kitchen with an outdoor fireplace attached. What more could you ask for in a backyard design? You’ll now have the ability to prepare, cook, serve, and enjoy meals without ever having to go inside your house.

A full backyard kitchen will provide all the essentials and an outdoor fireplace will provide you the perfect place to enjoy your food in warmth without the worry of pesky bugs.

Do You Need a New Outdoor Fireplace in San Antonio?

Have you decided on what outdoor fireplace ideas you want to incorporate in your San Antonio, Texas backyard? Be sure to use all of the great ideas listed above to get the wheels turning. Use something on this list or let this list inspire you to come up with your own fireplace design.

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