Seven Excellent Reasons to Install an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Whether you are a master chef or someone who loves to cook, an outdoor pizza oven is something everyone should have. No, really! Cooking outdoors is fun and exciting!

It offers you the freedom to try different recipes. You can also escape from the hot kitchen during the warmer months or when the heat is on blast during the winter. And with so many benefits, it will become your favorite way to cook!

We know that there’s a tiny possibility that some people may not grasp how amazing it can be to make a perfectly-fired, fresh pizza pie in your backyard. So read on while we share seven reasons why you (yes, you) should get your outdoor pizza oven as soon as possible!

1. Everyone Loves Pizza

You enjoy pizza. No, that’s not right. You love pizza!

So, why not equip yourself with the tools necessary to create your very own homemade pizza? Don’t bother tweaking your indoor oven with baking sheets that will reflect heat onto your pizza.

There are plenty of outdoor cooking accessories to complement your pizza oven. So, buy an outdoor pizza oven powered by wood, and you’ll never go back to frozen pizza again!

2. You Want Your Pizza Lickity Split

The perfect baking technique for pizza is high and fast. High temperatures and quick baking periods are what you need for the tastiest pizza.

Pizza shouldn’t bake for more than five to six minutes at 515°F. Yup! Your pizza should cook that fast.

Pizzas are fired in restaurants between 700 and 800°F, and only the hottest oven can create a great touch of char. You will need the high temperature to get the right crispiness on the exterior while keeping chewiness on the inside.

And at those temps, the cooking time must be very brief. Otherwise, you’ll be calling for pizza delivery.

3. Your Pizza Will Taste Supreme

When a pizza bakes at a high temperature, the crust bakes fast and develops a perfect and even crispness throughout. Due to the brief bake time, the intense heat doesn’t dry out the crust, leaving you with a crispy exterior and a beautiful, malleable, chewy center. You end up with the ideal pizza dough.

The cheese also wins. Standard indoor ovens have lower temperatures, which often don’t evenly distribute. As a result, there’s a significant probability that your cheese won’t melt 100 percent.

Instead, you might wind up with some areas of cheese that melted close to some that are halfway there. If achieving the perfect slice is your goal, then an outdoor kitchen with your pizza oven is the answer.

4. An Outdoor Pizza Oven Saves Electricity

The same wood you would put in your fireplace on a chilly winter night is what you burn when baking in an outdoor pizza oven. This firewood may be free or very cheap. It depends on where you live.

A bonus is if you can gather it yourself from fallen trees close to your house. You can cook your pizza for next to nothing and get far better results than using your indoor oven at high temperatures and using a lot of gas or power.

5. You Can Cook More Than Just Pizza in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

It’s true! An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven has a high heat capacity and a distinctive smoky richness that is difficult to achieve with other ovens. It’s worth attempting other recipes in your pizza oven to discover what it’s capable can be.

Of course, calzones, crusty bread, and other pizza-like foods can also be baked in your pizza oven. And meats can, too! Put a steak on the grill and place it on the stone floor of your pizza oven.

The steak will be perfect! The steak will get cooked by the high heat, develop a gorgeous crust on the top, and be the juiciest, tastiest meat you’ve ever had.

6. Your Backyard Will Become the Place to Be

If you invest in a quality outdoor pizza oven, your neighbors will come to all your gatherings. Who wouldn’t want to go to a cookout where you’re serving wood-fired, homemade pizza?

Your pizza oven can be incorporated into the design of your outdoor kitchen area and will draw attention from your neighbors. Your backyard kitchen will be the place to be on a Friday night. Your get-togethers will be the talk of the neighborhood.

7. You Can Build Your Culinary Skills

Making the perfect pizza requires both science and art. It requires the ideal balance of ingredients, handling, heat, and time.

If you want to up your pizza game, you will need an outdoor pizza oven. There’s no other way to achieve the results you want.

Since your pizza oven can make so much more than only pizza, experimenting is encouraged. Do you want to improve your cooking abilities? You can by using your pizza oven.

You will pick up new skills and techniques. There are new methods for using both indirect and direct heat to enhance almost every dish you create.

The only way to improve on anything is to practice. Nothing else, barring culinary school, will help you develop your cooking abilities faster than adding a brand-new oven experience to your list of accomplishments.

Want a Backyard Kitchen That Rocks the Neighborhood?

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