How to Protect Your Deck from Bad Weather

With catastrophic weather conditions affecting many areas of the nation, it’s important to do what you can in advance to protect your home and deck from bad weather. If you’ve got a newly built structure to deal with, and you’ve never had any experience maintaining one before, you’ll benefit from learning a few tricks to safeguard your investment.

Ride Out Storms with Less Damage

Doing so helps you ride out storms easier with less damage. If protecting your property is a priority, there are ways to do it cost effectively. With a little money and advance preparation, you’ll be able to protect your deck from bad weather so you can enjoy it longer.

Solutions That Help You Protect Your Deck

Your deck is something that you’ll use regularly throughout the time you live in your home. That’s why it makes sense to do things to protect it the way you would your house, garage, and shed. If done in steps, the whole process doesn’t take long.

Here are some deck-protecting solutions that work well:

  • Bring your outdoor furniture indoors. After cleaning and covering your couch, chairs, and table, place them inside the garage or basement for safekeeping. Having them indoors prevents the deck from becoming worn because of inconsistent weathering. Think about how the carpet or rugs in your home look after furniture has set on it for a long time. If you want to avoid this from happening to your deck, the first thing you’ll do when the weather changes is remove the furniture so the only thing you see is the deck.
  • Take your potted plants indoors. Few plants survive cold weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to bring them inside when the seasons change. You don’t want them to die because they aren’t getting the sunlight and warmth they need to survive. If they’re in large pots, place them in smaller pots until they can be outdoors again.
  • See what type of damage you must deal with. Decks get used. For that reason alone, there may be repairs that you’ll need to do to prepare for spring and summer. Check boards, stairs, and railings. If it’s a simple fix, take care of the repair right away. If it requires extra assistance, contact Diamond Decks to see what can be done to strengthen the structure once again.
  • Gently pressure wash the deck. You don’t want dirt and debris ruining your deck’s beautiful finish. You also don’t want to have the setting too high on the pressure washer because it can scar the wood or take the finish off entirely. You want to get it good and clean without damaging it.
  • Stain the deck again. If your deck has lost its luster, it’s time to deal with that problem before it worsens. Stain it once again and apply water repellant. Doing that will help it look its best again. Water will run off the deck rather than soak into the boards and cause them to warp or splinter. This option takes longer but is well worth it. The result is an old deck that looks new once again. That’s why superior building skills make a difference because you’ll be able to enjoy your deck for years if it is built correctly.
  • Use a leaf blower to keep leaves and small twigs off your deck. If you can’t remove these items with a broom because there is many them, do it fast and easy with a leaf blower. You’ll want to add this to your list of weekly chores so debris doesn’t accumulate on your clean and stained deck.

Doing these things in the months that you’re not using your deck as much helps prepare you for the time where you’ll be using it regularly. All you’ll have to do is pull out the grill, the outdoor furniture, and your plants. Once again, you’ll have a dedicated space to spend time with family and friends creating memories and soaking up the sun.

Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Damage to Your Deck

Bad weather is inevitable. It can happen quickly and leave catastrophic damage if not monitored regularly. If you want to protect the investment you made in building a deck for your home, you’ll want to take precautionary measures to protect it from bad weather.

Diamond Decks has suggestions that help you preserve the life of your deck. When you have us build one for you, ask questions that pertain to the weather. We’ll give you solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Let us know what we can do to help you. We understand how important it is to protect the deck that we built for you. It’s an investment that pays off quickly because it beautifies your home, gives you a place to spend time outdoors, and creates heartfelt memories for all the members of your family.