Get the Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space This Winter!

Like it or not, winter weather has arrived. Although the change of seasons may mean earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures, it doesn’t need to signify an end to your enjoyment of your outdoor space. This is especially true for our loyal Diamond Decks customers here in the San Antonio area, where winter brings about a much-welcome relief from the sweltering temperatures of summertime!

Nonetheless, maintaining and enjoying an outdoors space during the wintertime does present a few unique challenges. In this article, we will present a few tips and strategies that can help you get the most out of your outdoor space this winter and beyond.

  • Clean. Keeping your deck clean and orderly is always an important component of maintenance. With the cooler, wetter weather that wintertime brings, however, cleaning your deck takes on an increased importance. Keeping the area free of mud, dirt, dead leaves, and similar debris helps to ensure that the wood doesn’t stain. For those in climates such as San Antonio, wintertime can offer the perfect window to deep-clean your outdoor spaces without dealing with the heat of the summer. For those in cooler areas, a pre-winter cleanup can help get your space ready for the cold months ahead.
  • Repair. The drastic changes in temperature and humidity that occur during the winter months can cause damage to wood and other deck materials, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any potential problems and to repair them before they get out of hand. Remember, the longer you delay, the more difficult and costly a repair will become.
  • Protect Plants. Although many plants that are indigenous to your local region will be fine during the wintertime, it is always safer to check online or with an expert. It may be necessary to relocate some of your potted plants to a protected area in order to ensure that they are not exposed to an excess of cold weather, precipitation, or other potentially harmful conditions.
  • (Re)-Decorate. A bit of winter-themed decor can go a long way to making your deck feel homey even in the colder, darker months of the year. This is especially true for those who have moved plants or other summer-themed decorations–the last thing you want is for your deck, porch, or patio to look bleak and uninviting!
  • Keep it Warm. One of the biggest concerns that people have about using their outdoor spaces during the wintertime is, quite obviously, temperature. No one wants to be cold and uncomfortable! This is why adding a source of warmth–be it through electric space heaters, a fire pit, or another innovating solution–should be a priority.
  • Integrate Throw Pillows and Blankets. In addition to a direct heat source, it’s also a good idea to give guests access to a few items that can keep them extra cozy if they so choose. Integrating throw pillows and blankets as a part of your winter decor is a great way to accomplish this while also helping your space look extra seasonal and inviting.
  • Get the Lighting Right. As we’ve alluded to a couple times already, one factor that makes utilizing a porch, patio, or deck during the wintertime challenging is lighting. After all, here in Texas, we most locations experience a mere 10 hours of daylight per day–compared with over 14 hours of daylight during the summertime. In more northerly regions of the country, this difference is even more pronounced. Fortunately, there are many outdoor lighting options to choose from, and they are becoming more affordable as they grow in popularity. Websites such as Instagram can offer a wealth of ideas for those who are still considering their options.
  • Choose Winter-Appropriate Activities. From sipping warm macchiatos to roasting marshmallows to lounging in the Jacuzzi and more, there are many options for outdoor fun that are perfectly suited to the wintertime. So bundle up, get creative, and have fun!
  • Consider Making Modifications. There are many modifications, both large and small, that you can make to your outdoor space in order to make it more hospitable all year round. For example, a patio cover can keep away precipitation while providing an excellent fixture from which to suspend lighting and decorations. An enclosed porch can take this protection from the elements a step further–blocking wind and making temperature control more feasible. And a outdoor kitchen can provide indirect warmth while facilitating the preparation of warm winter treats.

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