What are the Furniture Trends for Decks and Patios This Year?

The right outdoor furniture transforms a space. It makes it feel comfortable and lived in. It serves as an extension of your home and a testimony of your tastes. If you’re thinking about “decking out” your deck or patio with the latest furniture trend, you’ll want to pay attention to what’s hot. The following list of suggestions provides inspiration for you as you shop for the right all-weather sofas, chairs, and ottomans for your outdoor space.

Hot Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Here are the furniture trends for decks and patios this year:

  • Outdoor Indoor Steps. Make your outdoor space a reflection of your indoor space. You can create a seamless transition by incorporating the same elements of design that you use inside your home on your patio or deck. Add rugs, side tables, ottomans, blankets, and pillows. Make it feel warm and cozy, the way you would other rooms in your house.
  • Bright Pillows with Fun Patterns. Create visual interest and add texture to a space by following this hot trend. Purchase pillows in varying sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Disperse them throughout the space. The idea is to make your deck or patio so comfortable that you choose to spend more time outdoors. With the right furniture and décor items, you’ll never even feel like you’ve left your home.
  • Coastal Colors. Look for Maui blues as well as ivory and bisque. If you want to fake the look of woven faux jute, look for what Country Living calls ‘Carmela’ because it is one of the hottest colors of the season. Make sure to add these colors throughout the space for a look that dazzles.
  • Retro Furniture. Add woven and crochet-looking items to your retro-inspired furniture. It’s really big this year. You’ll see a lot of the furniture in plastic faux-wood or wrought iron with intricate patterns.
  • Woven Furniture in Non-Traditional Colors. You don’t have to go for natural colors with woven furniture anymore. You can choose non-traditional colors and create a space that is true to you and your personality. Light blue seems to be a fan favorite right now. You can choose colors that mix well with darker colors that are traditionally used for outdoor furniture.
  • Natural Materials. Why not bring more of the natural world into your outdoor space? One of the hottest trends this year includes the addition of wood and natural materials. It helps give the space a rustic look. Rattan and teak are two materials that are really big at the moment.
  • Unique Floral Décor. Flowers aren’t anything new or special. Large and unusual flower sculptures and décor are, though. Use them to draw attention to an area of your deck or patio. Make them a conversation piece that your guests can’t help but notice.

Let your personality shine through the outdoor spaces you’ve created to share with your family and friends. There are a number of trends worth exploring. You’ll find the more you get to know what’s hot in furniture and décor items, the easier it is to create a space that fits your budgetary needs and desire for additional space to entertain.

There are a lot of exciting options for you to choose from this year. You can easily decorate your outdoor space the same fashionable way you would your home. By incorporating some of the most exciting trends of 2017 into your décor, you’re able to make your deck or patio visually appealing and extra comfortable for the people that visit you.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors grilling, swimming or gardening, you’ll want a nice space to sit down and relax in. You can grab yourself a cold drink, prop your feet up, and enjoy your backyard the way the space was intended to be enjoyed.

The Outdoor Space You Dreamed of for Yourself and Your Family

Make your deck or patio the space you always dreamed it would be. The right furniture helps complete the look of your outdoor area while providing you with the much-needed seating you must have to entertain regularly. If you’re the type of person who likes to cook out or invite your friends over for drinks poolside, you’ll want to give them a place to sit down, take a load off, and enjoy their time with you.

Diamond Decks wants you to have the space that you want for the outside of your home. It doesn’t matter if you want a deck, patio or outdoor kitchen. You’ve got options when you work with us. Make your outdoors feel as comfortable and accommodating as your home indoors is.

Let us know what you have in mind for your space. Now that you know what’s trending, you’ll have no problem decorating your deck and patio. You’ll create a spot outside your home that you’ll love spending time in.