Extending Your Space: 4 Cool Design Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Back yards are great for a game of catch or playing with the family dog, but that’s far from the only way to use your yard. With the right design and furnishings, you can transform a patch of grass into your favorite room in the house.

It all starts with an idea, though. Try these cool design concepts for outdoor living spaces.

1) An Earthy Retreat

When you’re in your back yard, you’re technically outdoors but it doesn’t always feel that way. If you truly want to embrace the outdoors, try building a new space with all-natural materials.

You could build walls and enclosures with stone, all on a natural hardwood deck. For your furniture, choose items made from wood and other natural materials like cotton.

When you step into this space, you feel a true connection to nature and you’re worlds away from the stress of the modern world.

2) The Back Yard Beach

Speaking of getting rid of stress, where else do people go to relax but the beach? You can bring that relaxation to your own back yard.

Dumping sand in your yard might be a more extreme change than you want. You can still get a beachy effect with Adirondack chairs and bright, beachy colors. You could even add your own cabana, whether you try to DIY or bring in a professional.

3) A Chef’s Paradise

Do you love to cook? Do you host a lot of dinner parties and other food-centric get-togethers?

If so, you’ll love the modern trend of installing ornate outdoor kitchens.

Your outdoor kitchen can have all the appliances and amenities your indoor one does. On top of the kitchen, you can add a full dining area big enough for the whole family.

Make sure you hire someone who specializes in outdoor kitchens rather than indoor kitchens, though. There are specific techniques we use to make sure everything can stand up to the elements.

4) A Sophisticated City View

Most of these outdoor living spaces appeal to families and people who enjoy traditional home styles. What if you’re a city-dweller who’s more interested in a modern aesthetic?

There are options for you, too. Your outdoor getaway is the perfect place to capture a breeze while you enjoy a cocktail or throw a classy party.

Your outdoor living space can bring together glass, glossy materials, and clean lines for a modern and chic look. While this can add sophistication to a residential back yard, it’s also perfect for a balcony or rooftop in the city.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you own or rent your home, chances are that the yard or other outdoor space factored into your decision to live there. So why not make the most of it?

The ideas above can transform simple, run-of-the-mill back yards to outdoor living spaces you’ll enjoy day after day.

To start the process right away, call our outdoor construction professionals today.