Enjoy This Summer: Top 4 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2020

An outdoor kitchen seems like a conundrum, but they’re more popular than ever before. With their help, you’ll never be stuck inside cooking while a beautiful San Antonio day wastes away.

Outdoor kitchens take the best of both worlds and allow you to enjoy time out of the house without giving up any of your favorite comforts and luxuries.

We’ve collected several outdoor kitchen ideas down below to get you started on designing your next renovation.

1. Textured Stone Work

The natural textures of the stone give this kind of outdoor kitchen a striking appearance. It embraces the idea of mixing nature with modern amenities and is one of the best outdoor kitchen designs around.

The best thing about using stone as your main design element is that most appliances and kitchen tools look great alongside it.

Try mixing several types of stone in your design to amp up the interesting textures found in your new kitchen.

2. Modern Industrialization

On the other hand, some people find that going to the opposite side of the scale is a far more interesting effect. With this style, you’ll use a lot of industrial metals and harsh lines to create something unique.

Remodeling your outdoor kitchen to include a lot of modern metallics is a great way to make the kitchen stand out among other Texas homes. Repurposing things such as tin roofs for this style is a great way to stay green while getting an outdoor kitchen that is sleek and cozy.

3. Stark Contrast

Although monotone designs have their place, nature is full of color and contrast. Reflecting this in your outdoor kitchen designs is a great way to bring interest to your new kitchen.

Going with two contrasting colors, such as black and white, is often enough to give your design a new edge. Other times, using contrasting textures is the better way to go. Stone and wood, for instance, look even stronger when paired up with one another.

4. Enclosed Getaway

A beautiful deck is a good start for any outdoor kitchen and many Texas homes love having the openness this style provides. If you’re wanting something a little more private, why not go with a sequestered enclosure?

Although this kind of outdoor kitchen has walls on all sides, it remains open and airy. You’ll never feel like you’re stuck inside when you’re able to see your backyard at all angles. It’s a great compromise for those who want an outdoor kitchen but aren’t sold on the idea of allowing all of nature’s elements inside.

Use These Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation in San Antonio

If you’re looking to expand your outdoor living space, make sure to refer back to these outdoor kitchen ideas when it’s time to start building. The sky’s the limit with the possibilities but these tried-and-true designs are great starting points.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Take some extra time to figure out what you want out of your outdoor kitchen and start your design based on your needs. The rest falls into place after that!

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