Child Friendly Ways To Enjoy Your Patio

Whether you have a wood deck, a stone patio, or you have a composite deck, you’ll want to make the most of that social space within your yard. If you have children, their enjoyment of your outdoor spaces will no doubt sit very high on your list of priorities. And, while kicking back by the bonfire as you watch the Texas sunset while throwing back a few cold ones counts as a mighty fine adult pastime, this may not be the most child-friendly of situations to be happening on your patio.  

In this article, we will look at a few ways that you can not only make your patio or decking area a safe place for your child to spend time, but we’re also going to look at ways of making it into a fun-filled place where your children and learn, play and have tons of fun. 

Your Child’s Safety In The yard

Playing outside in the yard is a fundamental experience in a child’s development. Having the space to run and jump around can be very exhilarating for your child. Not only will they be physically engaged, but they will also be mentally stimulated. 

But when it comes down to playing outside, your child’s safety is going to be important. 

  • Minimize Trip Hazards

Get the edges of your decking checked out to make sure that they are not likely to be a trip hazard. Having edges that are level with your pathway, or your lawn is ideal. If the patio of decking is raised up, make sure that the step is clearly visible and is of an adequate.

  • Make Sure Your Patio Is Even

While it is very normal for children to fall and graze themselves from time-to-time, you will obviously want to avoid this happening your child and in your yard, if you can help it. Make sure your patio area is flat and even. Similarly, check your decking for signs of damage or weakness. 

  • Cutting Back Branches and Bushes

Keeping your trees, bushes and grass kept to a reasonable level will mean that you are not risking your child hurting themselves as they play in them. 

Child-Friendly Patio Play Ideas

Once your yard has been made safe for your children to run around in, you can look at introducing fun activities so that they can really enjoy our yard in a way that encourages physical exercise and allows them to use lots of energy.

  • sandbox

A sandbox is very easy to make and can be done very simply using an old shipping pallet- make sure that all parts are sanded down and are going to be splinter-free and safe to use. You will be able to make the sandbox in any shape or size to suit the needs of your patio and yard. You can be as creative as you like with the shape. Once you have made the body of the sandbox using the reclaimed wood, line it using plastic sheeting. Then, fill it full of sand. Find a few toys that can be used for digging or burying in the sand and your child could probably spend hours in there. 

  • Trampoline

Kids love to bounce around, that is a fact of life. And there is no better way to enjoy this that with a trampoline. With lots of different styles and types available, you may wonder which to go for. Think about getting one that is a suitably large size and that has protective barriers surrounding it to keep your child safe as they bounce. 

  • Turn An Old Shed Into A Den

All children like to make places that they can hideaway and make their own. Having a den full of their favorite toys can be very exciting for your children. If you have an old shed of any kind that does not get used for what it was designed for, why not turn it into a den for your children? Be sure and do a full check over of the shed to make sure that it is safe and make any fixes needed before allowing your children to play in it. They can fill it with their favorite toys and games and use their imaginations to make the place more magical.

  • Hopscotch

A great use of a stone patio would be to draw out the squares needed for a child to play hopscotch. This is a nice simple game that will keep your children active, and if your draw the hopscotch squares on with chalk, then it will wash away very easily when needed.