What Can a Pergola Do For Your Outdoor Space?

Looking for pergola specialists in San Antonio? We’ve got your back. Diamond Decks specializes in all kinds of outdoor additions–from decks, to patios, to stamped concrete, and, of course, pergolas.

If you are still on the fence about building a pergola in your outdoor space, perhaps this list will help you make up your mind. Here are just a few ways that a pergola can enhance your backyard, garden, or front lawn.

  • Make your yard more beautiful. The aesthetic appeal of a pergola is undeniable. First used in ancient Egypt, and since used, refined, and reimagined in cultures all around the world, pergolas have a special way of conveying elegance and beauty. As we will cover more extensively later in this article, they can even be used to support plants, lighting, and other decorations, thus enhancing their charm. But regardless of how you choose to use your pergola, you can count on the unique style of these time-tested fixtures to make your space more beautiful that you had ever imagined.
  • Facilitate creative gardening. Pergolas can be used to support the growth of a wide variety of plant species–thus serving both a practical and a stylistic function. There’s nothing more enchanting than an elegant pergola covered in colorful plant growth, forming a rustic yet well-manicured tunnel of life and mystery. Facilitating plant growth on your pergola can also take the shade that your pergola offers to a new level, helping to keep you cool during the sunny summer months. (And again, as pergola specialists based in San Antonio, Texas, we know a thing or two about those sunny summer months!) Speaking of shade, this brings us to our next point.
  • Customize your shading options. Because they feature partially open coverings, pergolas create a partial shading that is actually modifiable. (Unlike the shade offered by a closed covering, for example.) For example, as mentioned in the paragraph above, plants can be used to enhance the shading offered: and, in cooler months, as plant life shrinks and withers, more sun will be let through, thus offering more warmth as needed. Pergola covers are also available, and can create more complete coverage when needed. Even as you build your pergola, you will have the ability to make your design with your needs in mind: the positioning and layout of your pergola will play a large role in determining how much sunlight is let through.
  • Save space (and the perception of space). A full-scale deck enclosure can take up a lot deck space while also limiting mobility. As an open form of coverage, pergolas simply will not do this. Additionally, the open nature of pergola coverage and support will help create a lighter imposition and a more open ambiance, thus leading to a larger perception of space as well–and, as we all know, when it comes to home and landscaping design, perception is reality.
  • Create privacy. Dividing up your spaces–both indoors and out–is an important facet of creating a sense of privacy and coziness. A pergola can help make you feel less like you’re in the wide outdoors, and more like you’re in a comfortable personal resort. The privacy factor of pergolas is especially important for those who live in close vicinity to neighbors: no matter how much you might like your neighbors, nobody likes to feel their presence when they are simply trying to relax in their outdoor space.
  • Provide more lighting options. A pergola can enhance your ability to get creative with lighting. Depending on the design that you choose, you will be able to mount lights from a wide variety of angles, and those lights can even be integrated beautifully into the plants and decorations that give life to the outdoor space of your dreams. Pinterest features well over a thousand beautiful examples of creative pergola lighting, so if you’re looking to get inspired, check out the link above and get excited about what your new pergola could mean for your home!
  • Boost property value. Last but not least, why not take action to make your outdoor space nicer, thus combating the potential problem of wear and tear. Rest easy instead, knowing that you have played an integral part in making your home and your yard even more beautiful that they were the day you bought your house. Whether you plan on one day selling your house or not, there is a tremendous satisfaction that comes with knowing your have played your part in making your house more beautiful.

Diamond Decks is your pergola specialists in San Antonio. Visit our website to see examples of our work and learn more about our company–and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about constructing a pergola in your outdoor space. We look forward to hearing from you!