The Best Plants to Grow Outdoors in the Summer

There are a number of plants to choose from when determining what you’ll grow in your garden. Some fare better in spring than they do summer. Others require endless sunshine which can be hard to provide them considering how unpredictable the weather can be.

If you’re not wanting to spend a lot of time weeding or watering your garden, there are some things you can do. One is to grow low-water varieties in your yard. This includes flowering bushes and ornamental grasses.

You can also choose to grow plants in containers if you want. They can be placed directly on the deck where they get the most sunshine. You’ll be able to take care of them better that way because you’ll have easy access to them.

Low-Water Means Low Maintenance

If you choose the right plants, they’ll grow on their own. They require little water and upkeep from you. Throw some flowers in the mix and you’ll have a beautiful outdoor oasis that you want to spend time in.

You can plant in beds or add them to containers. Container gardening is very popular because it’s easy to maintain. You can mix and match annuals, perennials, vegetables, houseplants, herbs, and even grasses.

This will give you a variety of beautiful plants to choose from. Look for hearty plants that require little upkeep. That way you can spend more time enjoying your deck without spending time weeding and watering.

Containers can be plastic, clay or metal depending on the type of aesthetic you’re trying to create. They can be placed directly on your deck and cared for that way. They brighten up the space quickly.

Choose Plants That Thrive Outside

Some of the best plants to grow outdoors in the summer include:

  • Santa Barbara Daisy. Small in size and white and pink in color, these flowers are great for making borders in front of taller grasses. They’re delicate and beautiful. If you’re looking to add a spot of color here and there, the Santa Barbara Daisy is good for that.
  • Mexican Feather Grass. Light and airy, these clump-forming grasses are large and open. They move well giving your outdoor space a sense of flow. They also add light to an area, too, which helps you create the ambience you were hoping for.
  • French Lavender. Spark your sense of smell with this fragrant flower. Use it as a hedge or edging. You can even dry the petals if you want to bring the aroma of lavender into your home. Dried French Lavender can be used in sachets and in baths.
  • Beard Tongue. A bushy plant with bright purple, trumpet-shaped blooms, it goes well with lavender. This flower producing bush does not last as long as some of the other plants listed here but is well worth having because of the number of flowers it produces.
  • Butterfly Bush. These small blossoms cluster and are good for attracting butterflies. That’s why it’s called a Butterfly Bush. It beautifies your yard in many ways.
  • New Zealand Flax. This plant has large fanning evergreen leaves. It provides color year round when other plants don’t. It’s a great way to spruce up your yard.
  • Hedge Lavender. This is another form of lavender. It’s perfect in places where there is no need for lots of watering. Beautiful purple blooms make every space better.
  • Common Thyme. The herb has small, pungent leaves. It has white to lilac colored flowers. This type of plant is good for low edging.


As you can see, there are a number of different plants that you can grow in your backyard. Each has its own list of benefits and beautiful appearance. Best of all, the plants don’t require much tending.

Make Your Outdoor Space Look as Beautiful as Your Indoor Space

Don’t forget to include potted plants on your deck. It’s a space that you’ll use as much as all of the other rooms of your home. Designate an area for your favorite plants, and make sure to prune and water them regularly.

This will help them thrive outdoors. You may want to move them from time to time, too, so that each side of the plant receives ample sunlight. This helps your plants grow to their optimal size.

Your Deck Serves as the Perfect Place to Hang Out This Summer

Now that you know which plants grow best in summer, you’ll be able to plan your garden better. When you look at your backyard from your new deck, you’ll see nothing but green. That’s a satisfying feeling that you’ll enjoy year after year.

Diamond Decks is the one to call whenever you need a new deck. We’ll give you what you want for your home. That way, you’ll have the space that you need outdoors to keep your plants.