9 Creative Composite Deck Ideas for Your Home

Outdoor upgrades are one of the best ways to improve the value of your home. If you don’t plan on moving for a while, however, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a nicer outdoor sanctuary in your backyard. Start your outdoor improvement plan by choosing a deck that can stand up to the elements while looking great.

Composite decks are the right decks for the job. Read on to learn about nine creative composite deck ideas for your home!

1. Add a Kitchen to Your Deck

When you’re looking for outdoor additions that provide a great return on investment, look no further than kitchens. And a composite deck is the perfect foundation for one.

An outdoor kitchen provides an instant gathering point for guests at your next cookout. With a grill, sink, and refrigerator, you’ll have the essentials for a successful gathering. To go a step further, add a built-in pantry, fire pit, and pizza oven.

Build your kitchen using wood tones that connect with your composite deck. Or try a rustic stone for an outdoorsy vibe. Just make sure you have plenty of workspaces, too, for preparing and serving food.

2. Introduce Curves

Yes, many decks use straight edges and angular shapes to define their spaces. But more creative decks don’t need to do that. For a fun shift, add some curves to your deck design.

This could take the form of an arched edge where the deck meets your lawn. A subtle curve sweeping across the edge of your deck will create an elegant line that complements your property.

For a deck with two levels, go with curved edges that mirror or contrast one another. With the right trim, your deck will dazzle your guests!

3. Build Multiple Levels

If you have the space, consider introducing multiple levels to your deck. This design option is a great way to create several intimate spaces where people can gather outside. If you like to host, a few levels can help the party extend into your backyard space more easily.

Residential decks can have different levels for different activities, too. For instance, one level could be where you place a larger table and chairs for outdoor dinners. Another level could be a great place for a lounger for the avid reader in your family.

4. Try a Two-Tone Wood Look

As you’re exploring deck ideas, look into the option of incorporating more than one wood tone. Composite decks offer the advantage of coming in just about any tone imaginable.

Choose alternating wood tones for a subtle but elegant look on your deck’s planks. Or amp up the contrast. Planks that alternate between light and dark tones will create a statement deck that will be the perfect setting for any party.

5. Add a Pergola

Why stop with just the deck? Add a pergola for an attractive covering that can offer sun protection and additional decorating options.

Pergolas are lattice structures that provide partial shade. More importantly, they open the door to other decorating possibilities.

You can string lights from a pergola’s beams to create a festive nighttime ambiance. As another option, take advantage of the beams to create a lush garden vibe. Hang potted plants to bring texture and color into your outdoor living space.

6. Spotlight Your New Deck

A new deck can enhance the curb appeal of your home. But you’ll need to add some lighting if you want to enjoy your new addition as the sun goes down.

Creative decks can incorporate deck stair lights or railing lights to create a subtle sense of illumination. Stair lights are especially helpful to place between different levels to ensure guests don’t trip.

You can also include deck lights along with deck post caps. And lanterns are another lighting option if you’re eager to create a warm environment with historic charm.

Lastly, recessed deck lighting is an understated choice if your composite deck has a covering. You’ll also be able to dim or brighten the lights as needed.

7. Choose an Unexpected Color

When most people think of decks, they think of warm wood tones. While stained wood remains a classic choice, other options can look striking, as well.

Choose black or gray, for instance, for unconventional but attractive options. Black can look clean and modern. You’ll create a dramatic space that makes the colors around it pop.

Gray can provide a softer look that intensifies colors, too. And if you’re feeling really daring, go with a cobalt blue or turquoise. These colors can create a fun and beachy vibe that brings your deck to life.

8. Use Your Decking for a Wall

It’s easy to assume that decking material only belongs beneath your feet. But composite decking can create a striking wall in your outdoor space. As you investigate deck options, consider using the material for an accent wall or two.

You’ll love the look of woodgrain and individual boards as a rustic backdrop. Use a composite decking wall to create a living garden. Let greenery and plants crawl up the wall or dangle from planter boxes you affix to the wall.

9. Go with a Floating Deck

Decks usually are attached to homes-but not always. Floating decks exist as their own structures that appear to float. They may sit on blocks that elevate them from the ground, or they can sit on gravel.

If you have a water feature, a floating deck can sit within it. But even if you don’t have a water feature, you still can find a home for a floating deck in your yard.

Situate a floating deck beneath a canopy of trees for a tranquil escape. Or place one in the middle of a garden. You’ll create the perfect oasis on your property.

Explore the Best Composite Deck Ideas

With some composite deck ideas in mind, you can start to craft an outdoor space that you’ll love to use. Consider colors and lighting scenarios that can enhance the appeal of your deck. And look at different types of decks, like floating decks, that can make your property feel unique.

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