8 Reasons to Consider Installing a Pergola

If you love having a deck or patio and are looking to upgrade your outdoor experience, one enjoyable and highly affordable option is installing a pergola. These charming open structures can add style and elegance to any outdoor space–while also offering a plethora of practical benefits. Here are eight reasons to consider installing one.

  1. Shade. Although pergolas do not always offer the complete covering that a canopy or an enclosed deck might, they do tend to at least partially block the overhead sun. Moreover, should you wish to get more shade out of your pergola, there are many beautiful and practical modifications that can be made in order to improve the shade-providing functionality without compromising on style. For example, you may wish to consider the strategic use of plants along the structure. (An aesthetically pleasing option that you can learn more about in reason number 5.) For the most complete coverage, it is even possible to place a specially designed fabric over the top of the pergola in order to make a temporary canopy, which can later be removed at night or when the sun is not as strong in order to restore a nice, open feeling. The shade options that pergolas offer are very important, as excessive exposure to sunlight can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Stay comfortable, safe, shaded and cool with a one-of-a-kind pergola built by Diamond Decks!
  2. Style. Pergolas offer a lovely Mediterranean feel that offers personality and beauty while still being open and unobtrusive. As mentioned before, pergolas can be enhanced with plants or flowers, but they look stunning on their own too (especially when they are designed by a company as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are here at Diamond Decks.) Choose from many distinct styles and find the look that fits your home perfectly. Whether you prefer the traditional or the cutting edge, the large or the small, the bold or the understated–we can help you build the pergola that’s right for you!
  3. Spaciousness. Though pergolas are capable of offering all the shadiness and protection that you can get from an awning or an enclosed patio, they are still incredibly open. This means fresh air, breezy afternoons, the possibility to grill comfortably and safely. Open spaces also tend to look much larger and more comfortable, whereas enclosed spaces can seem claustrophobic and small. This makes pergolas the perfect option for anyone who wants to entertain groups or enjoy a nice, relaxing meal in the wide world of the outdoors.
  4. Staying Dry. When rain or unpleasant weather come around, the possibility of adding a covering to your pergola will come in very handy. Though a pergola will never offer all the protection from the elements that an enclosed room could, they are still fully capable of allowing a little gathering even during less than optimal weather. Not only do pergolas come in handy in all sorts of weather, they also enable you to use your deck or outdoor space more often and in a more diverse variety of settings.
  5. Give Plants a Helping Hand. We’ve mentioned it briefly a couple of times already, and this is perhaps the number one reasons why many gardeners and plant enthusiasts choose to install pergolas in their home spaces. These structures are very friendly to plant-growing, and can be made to look truly spectacular by allowing flowers, vines, and other plants grow alongside the building material. If you’re looking to turn your backyard into a botanical paradise, a pergola might just be the perfect choice for you.
  6. Express Yourself. Pergolas come in many distinct shapes, sizes, and colors–and they can be customized in many distinct ways. This all adds up to a fantastic opportunity to invest in a home aesthetic that fits the vision you’ve always wanted. As you can see here in our photo gallery, a pergola can really add the perfect touch to an already beautiful home.
  7. Give your space more versatility. Apart from plants, virtually any other practical feature you can think of can also be hung from your new pergola. Lights, speakers, decorations, swings, tool racks, and more can all be used as permanent features or as temporary fixtures during a party or other event.
  8. Make an affordable and practical home improvement. A pergola is a great way to invest in your home without breaking the bank. While indoor renovations and larger outdoor additions tend to be prohibitively expensive for anyone without huge savings or the willingness to go into debt, pergolas can be added quite easily, and, with Diamond Decks, are built to last a lifetime. Again, we encourage you to visit us online to see a few examples of our work–we are confident that this will create a better impression than words ever could!