8 Reasons to Choose a Composite Deck For Your Home

With winter quickly coming to an end, it’s time to think about how you can get your yard all made up for summer. You could start planting a garden, or consider installing a pool, but really, nothing says “San Antonio summer” like a deck where you can enjoy cookouts and hot afternoons. Continue reading to find out why a composite deck should be your next home improvement.

1. Home Value

When you’re looking to buy a new home, which do you find more appealing, a house with a deck, or a house without one? It makes sense; the house with the most features is the most appealing, and therefore the most valuable. So, when you add a composite deck onto your house, you are not only increasing the value of your home in the eyes of your family, but in the eyes of potential buyers in the future.

2. Fun in the Great Outdoors

Often, when you want to spend time outside, you have to go to the hassle of pulling out a folding chair, or laying down a blanket. It’s uncomfortable, and because of that, your time outdoors is always cut short. However, with a deck, you can relax outside for hours without bugs biting at your ankles, or your back aching from sitting in an uncomfortable chair. A deck is a great transition space from inside to outside. You can bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh air, but you don’t have to deal with the aforementioned annoyances. Decks are also great for entertaining large groups. Your party can easily spill out onto your deck to accommodate a large amount of guests comfortably. Throw pillows make good seats on your deck in a pinch.

3. Built to Last

Because composite decks are made out of equal parts wood and plastic, they are more durable than your traditional all-wood deck. Composite decks can remain in great shape for years without the sealing, sanding, and replacing maintenance a normal deck requires. Composite decks are also much less prone to mold than traditional decks, which only makes them last longer.

4. Clean

When it comes time to clean your deck, don’t stress. It is much easier to clean a composite deck than a traditional. With your average household cleaner, water, and a little elbow grease, you can have your deck shining like new. A composite deck should only need to be cleaned once or twice a year, which can save you tons of time and money. Composite decks are also more resistant to fading than their traditional counterparts, which keep them from losing their color after cleanings and extreme weather.

5. Green

Composite decks are made out of a combination of recycled wood and plastic fibers. So, instead of using fresh lumber like you would use in a traditional deck, composite decks are comprised of recycled materials. When you invest in a composite deck, you’re investing in the planet. The wood and plastics used to build your deck may very well end up in a landfill otherwise. You can enjoy your composite deck knowing that you did the Earth a favor.

6. Colors Galore

Of course, making the green choice and opting for a composite deck does not mean that the deck itself has to be green. Composite deck planks can be designed to mimic all kinds of standard and exotic woods. You can even choose more unusual and vibrant colors to make a real statement with your deck, without even needing to paint it. The look of your composite deck has the potential to complement your home in ways a traditional deck never could. And no matter what you choose, you can be sure the color will stay for years to come.

7. Low Maintenance

The initial investment for a composite deck may be more than for a traditional, but when you factor in the cost of maintenance on the traditional deck, it ends up being much more expensive. The frequent cleanings, the pricey deck sealant, the replacements, and the repairs. As the years go on, all of these expenses add up. However, repairs on composite decks are minimal. Cleanings require no special products, and so long as you have a capped composite deck, you should not have to worry much about mold or rot.

8. The Add-ons Rock

Perhaps you don’t want to leave your home improvements at a composite deck. There are so many amazing add-ons you can choose from to make your outdoor space complete. A pergola can provide your deck with a bit of shade if you have had a little too much fun in the sun, and it is also great for hanging plants. With an outdoor kitchen, you can take entertaining to the next level, whipping up everything from burgers to pasta to cakes to casseroles, and never needing to abandon your guests.

Are you ready to take the first step in getting the most out of your yard and your summer? We here at Diamond Decks have years of experience in transforming outdoor spaces all over the San Antonio area.