8 Kid Friendly Ways to Improve Your Backyard

In this day and age, it can be difficult for children to enjoy time spent outdoors. With the indoor distractions of computers, phones, and video games spending some quality time outside isn’t half as appealing to kids as it used to be. But how can you blame them? It’s very easy for you to create an outdoor space with yourself in mind more than your children. However, with a few modifications, you can help your children get back out into the yard, and love it there. Here are nine kid-friendly ways to improve your backyard.

  1. Sandbox

A sandbox can provide hours of fun for your children. Between playing architect, building sand castles, and creating ramps for their cars to jump, you child will never be bored. A sandbox is a fairly wallet-friendly way to improve your backyard as well. Between the cost of a few bags of sand and a box to put them in, you won’t spend more than a hundred dollars, give or take. Plus, when you see the smile on your children’s’ faces, the sandbox basically pays for itself.

  1. Playground

A playground is another traditional way to spruce up your yard. Whether you opt for a swing set, a slide, a fort, or all three in combination, you’ll be making a good investment. One of the best things you can do for your child is encourage them to have a good relationship with the outdoors. Not to mention that in some ways, a playground acts as a built-in babysitter. While you are grilling or enjoying a book outside, a playground will keep your children occupied. Of course, you still need to keep an eye on them, but at least they’ll have something to do while you enjoy some time to yourself.

  1. Patio

A patio is a great place to have picnics and do outdoor arts and crafts. Most kids love a break from the routine, and an easy way to provide them with that break is to have them to eat outside. A blanket in the yard is fun too, but if you have messy eater, or young kids, a table on the patio is probably your best bet. A patio is also a great place for your kids to do camp-style arts and crafts. That way your kids can enjoy some fun in the sun, and get creative.

  1. Swimming pool

A swimming pool will help keep you and your kids cool during the summer, but it isn’t quite as kid-friendly as other ideas on the list. A swimming pool can be a lot of fun for kids, sure, but it is important that you never leave your children unattended in the pool. A swimming will provide your children with years of fun, just make sure you provide them with all of the knowledge and gear they need to be safe in the water.

  1. Enclosed porch

An enclosed porch makes a great playroom for kids if nothing else. The copious amounts of natural light create a happy, comforting environment in which your kids can read, draw, play with toys, and do whatever else they like to do. An enclosed porch also has the potential to make a great mud room. Whether your kids are peeling off muddy rain boots, wet jackets, sports gear, or just their shoes after a long day at school, you can be sure that they are not dragging dirt into the house.

  1. Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete doesn’t sound like it’s for kids, but it is just as much as anything else on this list. Stamped concrete is perfect for when your kids want to create chalk masterpieces, play four-square, or do science experiments like the old ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk’ trick. Having your kids watch as the cement is poured can be a fun lesson all in itself.

  1. Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop provides a great pastime for more athletic kids. Whether your kids just play at home for fun, or they’re practicing for an upcoming game, they are bound to love a basketball hoop. Not to mention that basketball tends to be a pretty low-maintenance sport. It doesn’t really require any special gear like in baseball and football either.

  1. Outdoor kitchen

Perhaps an outdoor kitchen isn’t exactly for kids, but it is great for when you need to cook dinner, and supervise the kids while they play outside. An outdoor kitchen is also great for entertaining, especially if your friends have kids as well. The kids can keep each other occupied, and the other adults can keep an eye on the kids while you cook and entertain.

Are you ready to turn your backyard into a paradise for children and adults, alike? We at Diamond Decks can help you with everything from installing a deck, to a patio, to stamped concrete.