7 Steps To Installing An Inground Pool

If you’re considering having an inground pool installed for the summer, now is the perfect time to start planning. Having a pool installed takes a great deal of time, work, and thought, so there really isn’t a time too early to start planning. A pool is a great place to spend the summers. It is a place where you can relax, and beat the heat without leaving the comforts of home. Here are some essential steps you will need to take on the way to getting your dream pool.

1. Think about how you plan to use your pool
Who will be using your pool and why? Will it be used mostly by children who just want to splash around, or will it be used for exercise, perhaps for swimming laps. It is important to consider how your pool will be used because it will ultimately determine the length, width, and overall shape of the pool you will need. A pool for young children will certainly be different from a pool fitted for swimming laps. Just as a pool good for swimming laps will be different from a pool good for doing water aerobics. Perhaps you’ll find that the Y, or an inflatable pool might suit you better. It all depends on what you want to use your pool for.
2. Consider finances
It is true that having a pool will increase the value of your property, but with that in mind, you must consider how pricey pools can be. The first expense will be the installation itself, followed by the price of filling the pool, and seasonal maintenance. Make sure the price of the pool is truly worth it to you both in what you will get out of it and what value it will add to your house. An in ground pool should not be an impulse buy.
3. Check zoning regulations
All home improvements are subject to regulations specific to where you live. Before you can do anything, you need to apply for and be approved for a building permit. There will probably be limits on where you can build your pool due to the location of power lines, pipes, septic tanks, etc. It is a bit of an arduous process, but the alternative to obtaining a permit and going about things the correct was is paying thousands of dollars in fines, and potentially endangering your neighborhood. Playing it safe is always the smarter move!
4. Preparing outdoor space
You should go into pool buying with a general idea of where your pool will be placed in your yard. There will definitely be places that make more sense than others. The best place for a pool is one that is in a sunny location, visible from the house, on high ground. That way the pool will be somewhat naturally heated, you can keep an eye on swimmers from inside, and there will be less of a chance of pool contamination in the case of a flood. Having your pool connected to your deck is always a good idea because it provides easy access and visibility.
5. Finding a contractor
You should always take your time when selecting a contractor. You want someone that you feel that you can trust, someone who has experience, but doesn’t overcharge you for it. If a friend or neighbor recommends a contractor to you, you should of course look into them, but don’t feel compelled to choose them if you think someone else can do the job better. It is imperative that you are comfortable with your contractor. Having a pool installed is a big project, and you don’t want to leave it up to someone you are not totally confident in.
6. Installing the pool
While your pool is being installed, you’re going to need to find a balance between supervision and being overbearing. You should feel that is your right to check in on the construction crew to make sure that they’re working to your specifications, but you shouldn’t be hovering over them, bothering them, and slowing down the installation process. Having a pool installed requires a bit of patience, as it is a lengthy process.
7. Ongoing maintenance
Neglecting your pool will cost you more in the long run than doing general maintenance. It’s easy to add chlorine to the water and empty out the pool trap. It is not easy to clean out months of algae build up or to fix leaks. Have your pool cleaned regularly, tend to any breaks or cracks, and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful pool for years to come.

An inground pool is just one of many great ways to improve your outdoor space. If you are interested in learning about more exciting ways to renovate your backyard, visit Diamond Decks online today!