7 Reasons to Build a Pergola

Are you a part of the 88% of Americans who are dissatisfied with their outdoor space? You don’t have to live with a backyard that you hate. It’s time to embrace the outdoor living lifestyle with a simple home improvement project.

Build a pergola and create a shady outdoor living space that defines your property and adds value to your home.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a type of freestanding outdoor structure. It’s typically constructed in a backyard to create a comfortable outdoor living space. They consist of four posts, one at each corner.

Overhead, there are evenly spaced beams to allow a limited amount of sun to come through. Some designs have a roof.

Traditionally, pergolas were made out of wood. However, modern trends have embraced metal, PVC, and masonry.

1. Create More Shade

If no trees are in your backyard, the sun can get hot and harsh in the summertime. There is no escape until it sets enough to be behind a building. A pergola is a perfect solution for adding a versatile shade solution.

Some pergolas have a roof, retractable curtain, or louvered beams. This lets you control the amount of sun protection you have.

2. Define an Outdoor Space

A large backyard gives you plenty of space for creating different zones. A pergola can help you break up the space and give it a more intimate feel. It creates a defined visual break between one area and another.

While many people place their pergola next to their home, you don’t have to. Depending on the shape and design of your property, a pergola could be further away from your home. Perhaps you place it next to your pool or garden.

3. Enjoy Entertaining Outside

Covid lockdowns had people spending more time than ever at home. This led to cabin fever, and we saw the rise of the outdoor living lifestyle. A pergola is a perfect structure for creating an outdoor room.

Use a pergola to create an outdoor kitchen, living room, office, or dining area. Depending on your intended use, use the pergola as the support structure for a fan, lighting, or even misters.

Give your outdoor dining space a sense of elegance by hanging a chandelier from the pergola. Create a cozy space by using a large area rug to cover the flooring in your outdoor living room.

4. Add Home Value

Adding a pergola to the property can increase your home value by making it more desirable to potential buyers. A finished backyard gives the new owners another space they can start enjoying immediately after purchase. They won’t have to spend more time and money setting up the backyard.

To maximize your home’s value, scale the size of the pergola to the size and shape of your property. A well-designed pergola will tie the property design together. A poorly designed pergola will look cramped and distorted.

The national average for pergola cost is $3,508. The ROI you can expect from this home project depends on the current real estate market. The hotter the market, the more you can expect to get back.

Thankfully, the San Antonio real estate market is one of the hottest in the US. So even with a slowdown, you can still see plenty of return from this investment.

A pergola also addresses many of the more in-demand features that home buyers look for. This makes your home more desirable to potential buyers. You can ask for a higher sale price when there’s more demand.

5. Home Improvement on a Budget

A home addition is a potentially expensive project. If you need more living space, consider building a pergola instead. A pergola is significantly more affordable than adding a finished room to your house.

Pergolas are also customizable to fit your budget. Choose the size, style, and material. You can keep things simple and affordable or choose a high-end design for a luxury addition.

6. Increase Privacy

You want to enjoy your property in peace and without an audience. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when you have uncomfortably close neighbors. A pergola can give you much-needed privacy to enjoy your outdoor space in peace.

Traditionally, pergola designs are open. However, once you have the structural frame, you can create as much privacy as you need. For example, you could add lattice sheets to the sides. Another option is to mount rails along the top and hang curtains around the sides.

Curtains are nice because you can open and close them as needed. This helps maintain air circulation, so you don’t get too hot.

7. Have More Space for Plants

Having plants in your backyard improves its design and keeps the space feeling cooler. However, you need a place to grow them that makes sense. Otherwise, you risk your backyard looking more like an unkept jungle than a cared-for garden.

A pergola gives you a permanent structure that is perfect for growing plants. For example, you could hang plant pots from the overhead beams. Another option is to grow vine plants.

Start the plant in a pot or in the ground next to the leg of the pergola. Then allow the vines to snake up the legs and across the top. The result is a lush space that creates a filtered light effect.

You could embrace the Italian origins of pergolas and grow tomatoes, lemons, olives, or grapes. Now your pergola serves an additional functional purpose of providing food for you and your family.

It’s Time to Build a Pergola

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding a pergola to your backyard. If you want one or more of these benefits, then it’s time to build a pergola. Your new pergola can create shade, privacy, and an inviting outdoor living space.

Schedule an appointment and let our skilled team build the perfect pergola for your home, property, and lifestyle.