7 Must Have Items for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Did you know that outdoor kitchens substantially increase a home’s value?

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to maximize the size of your home because it is another area you can cook and spend time in. We have all the details on how to spice up your outdoor kitchen to make it the perfect place for your family and guests to hang out.

Here are 7 must-haves for your outdoor kitchen in San Antonio, Texas:

Trash Pull-Out Cabinet

Placing your trash can in a pull-out cabinet has a couple of benefits. You can integrate the cabinet into the look of your kitchen.

It keeps trash away from any pets or animals that may want to go digging. And, it keeps the trash out of sight but still within reach while you enjoy your outdoor cooking space. It allows for easy clean-up as well!

Make sure to always empty your trash at the end of the day.


A pergola is an outdoor structure composed of a roofing grid and columns. Pergolas can either be attached to your home or free-standing. You can between flat pergolas and gable pergolas.

Pergolas add definition to your outdoor kitchen area because they create a space for hanging out, lounging, and enjoying the food you just cooked in your outdoor kitchen. Not to mention, they are also gorgeous to look at!

Add some drapes or curtains to your pergola and you have more privacy and protection from unpleasant weather. It’s a fashionable way to get shady in your outdoor kitchen.

Island Countertop

A true San Antonio outdoor kitchen should have at least one island countertop. It will supply you with running water and beautiful counter space for preparing raw food. A sink on your island counter will encourage cleaning as you cook.

Your outdoor kitchen island not only gives you additional space but also additional storage. Store everything you need in its cabinets so you don’t have to keep running back and forth for items inside the house.

The island layout is also the perfect entertainment hub! Chefs can also easily face guests or children who are swimming because they won’t have to face a wall.

Install the perfect island counter and watch as it becomes the center of your outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor Grill

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but nonetheless, it is a must-have for your outdoor kitchen. You do not want to be cooking inside and then bringing the food outside – that will defeat the purpose of your outdoor cooking space altogether.

Take mealtime outside with an outdoor grill. It is a heat source built to last through any kind of weather. Invest in one that has stainless steel and ensure it is installed firmly in your island countertop.

There are a variety of outdoor grills you can choose from that will allow you to cook as little or as much food as you desire. Choose from infrared, charcoal, gas, propane, and electric grills. There is a grill perfect for every family.

Outdoor Refrigerator

Ditch the portable coolers and stop running inside to get items from your indoor refrigerator. Invest in an outdoor refrigerator for easy access and have chilled items on hand right when you need them.

A full outdoor fridge will give you space for all of your essential items like beverages, perishable items, fruits, vegetables, raw meats, alcoholic beverages, and snacks.

If you are worried about outdoor elements affecting your outdoor fridge, never fear. Outdoor refrigerators are designed specifically for outdoor use. They are built with high durability to withstand any weather.

Comfortable Seating

An obvious must-have that should not be overlooked is outdoor seating. Your family and guests will need a spot to sit and dine. This is where you can really design your outdoor kitchen to look exactly how you like.

You can choose to have bar-style seating so diners are near the chef. Or, you can opt for lower seating areas away from the island and grill. This can be designed like an indoor living room with comfortable couches and chairs with cushions.

Pizza Oven

This one might be our favorite! It is growing in popularity in outdoor kitchens. Pizza ovens are great for those who want to use their outdoor kitchen space for hosting guests and parties.

Your kids and guests will love this pizza cooking alternative. Feed your guests in minutes and also have an additional heat source during the winter months. A pizza oven is designed to create the perfect tasting pizza.

For safety purposes, we recommend leaving at least three feet of distance between your pizza oven and structures such as trees, walls, and fences.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Today

Bring the fun outdoors with an outdoor kitchen area. It gives you the perfect excuse to spend more time outside and also keeps your home from getting too hot inside during those hot Texas summer days. You’ll also have increased visibility on your kids while they swim.

If you’ve been wanting to add an outdoor kitchen or add on to an outdoor kitchen you already have, Diamond Decks has you covered!

Diamond Decks is your favorite patio and deck builder. We do work on outdoor kitchens regularly and would love to help you achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. We’ll do everything to ensure your kitchen looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

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