7 Benefits of Building a Deck for Your San Antonio Home

Last year in Texas the number of homes sold increased by almost 10% to nearly 400,000.

If you’ve moved into a new home or even if you’ve lived in the same home for several years, building a deck can be an attractive renovation option. While they are expensive, building a deck has a lot of benefits for your home and can benefit your lifestyle. Who doesn’t want a nice place to lounge or install a hot tub?

Here are 7 benefits of building a deck for your home, especially if you live in the San Antonio area of Texas.

1. Entertaining Guests

Whether or not you have a lot of people over to your home to entertain, a deck will make the process better. You may find that your desire to host guests will increase if you add a deck. This is because building a deck gives you a place for you and your guests to hang out without exposing your home to a lot of traffic and activity.

You can keep the party outside while the inside of the house remains quiet and comfortable. You can have lighting installed on your deck so that it is usable both day and night. This will make your deck the ideal spot for enjoying the cool evenings with friends, co-workers, and family.

2. Sunbathing

While there are a lot of benefits to living in the San Antonio area, there is one drawback, you’re not on the coast. This can make it difficult to find the best place to sunbathe. If you build a deck that won’t be a problem as it will serve you well in this regard.

If you want privacy for sunbathing, speak to your deck builders. There are a lot of options for outdoor features which will help shield you from the prying eyes of neighbors and those passing by. All of which can lead to a more beautiful deck and backyard space to enjoy for you and your family.

3. Outside Activities

Whether you’re fond of being out in the sun or being out in the evening and night, having a deck is for you. Being outside opens up a lot of activities that can only be done outdoors. Whether you want to camp out with your children in the yard, or have games and other distractions a deck is a great starting place.

A deck helps in this regard because it gives you a reason to go outside. Being outside is often all it takes to increase our physical and outdoor activity. This can even have health benefits and as long as the weather holds you can enjoy your deck and yard the entire year.

4. Additional Living Space

When you have a deck built it is more than a piece of outside furniture, it is like a home addition. You’ll find yourself spending time out there, and it can become a second living room. This gives you a lot more space than what is in your home to stretch out and enjoy your surroundings.

You can do anything on a deck that you can do in your living room, and more. You can cook outside while watching television or even work out while the kids play in the yard. The freedom this brings to your lifestyle can’t be overestimated and is one of the reasons so many homeowners love having a deck.

The way you have your deck designed will impact how much you use it and what you do with it. When you hire a deck company and have them build a deck for you, consider all your options. The more you do with your deck, the more importance and impact it will have on your life.

5. Watching the Kids

If you have children, a deck can seem like a godsend. Not only will it get your children outside and playing, but it will also give you a place to watch them. You can relax on the deck and enjoy the sun, or the cool breeze while your children play in the yard with pets, toys, or other activities.

This can turn your deck and yard into a place of bonding and memory building your children will carry with them the rest of their lives. You can share memories of playing in the backyard, using the deck for cookouts and parties with them as they age, and building their own families. Even then, when they bring their family over, you can enjoy hosting them on the deck.

6. Relax Outside

Instead of relaxing inside, you can relax outside. This may seem like a simple point, but being inside too much can lead to a host of problems. The air quality inside is often less than it is outside as is your exposure to the sun and the beauty of nature.

A peaceful evening spent out on the deck can seem to last for hours. This helps to slow down the day, giving you valuable time to process what has happened and destress for tomorrow. You may even discover that your neighborhood has wild animals roaming around.

7. Increased Home Value

Building a deck onto your home isn’t just about enjoyment or convenience, it will increase the value of your home. If you decide that it is time to move to another home or area, you will be able to sell your house for more. The new home buyers will be delighted to have a beautiful deck.

This not only increases value but also can speed up the selling process. A beautiful home with an amazing deck will sell much faster than a standard home with nothing outside.

Building a Deck

If you’re thinking about building a deck, there is no time like the present to get started. Increase the value of your real estate investment and expand your living space. If you have any questions about decks in the San Antonio, Texas area, contact us.

We look forward to helping you in any way that we can from building a deck for you to answering your questions about the process.