6 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space for the Holidays

Decorating might be one of the most enjoyable things about the holidays. It fills you–as well as passers by–with a feeling of joy to see your house done up for the festivities. But despite the happiness that holiday decorating may bring, the job isn’t always easy. So, if you are someone who is struggling to become inspired this holiday season, here are 6 ways to decorate your porch, deck, or patio.

1. Brighten things up

No decoration screams “Christmas” quite like lights. Especially in colder climates, outdoor lights bring brightness and warmth to the dark of winter, and give people hope for spring. However, outdoor lights can brighten up any climate, and even in places without snow, it’s nice to illuminate the darkness of night with some lights. String lights are the classic choice for christmas decorating as they are easy to install, and brighten things up without being too invasive. You can easily line your porch, deck, or patio with string light to give your outdoor space some holiday cheer. If you’re looking for something a little less conventional, you can try hanging net lights over the railing of your deck, or you can look into light projections. All are great ways to express your love of this special time of the year.

2. Deck out your door

Decorating your door is a very easy way to show off your holiday spirit. Options for how to decorate your door are, of course, endless, but wreaths and banners are both good choices. You can go with a classic fir tree wreath, which is beautiful, and smells really nice if you buy a real one. But you also have the option of a sparkling tinsel wreath, a do-it-yourself pompom wreath, a wreath adorned in tiny plastic animals, or any other number of things. Don’t feel pressured to go with what everyone else is doing, make your wreath your own. You also have the choice of a banner. This banner could have the silhouette of an animal, a holiday scene, or could even just have a loving and welcoming message on it.

3. Wrap up your home up in garlands

Garlands are another great way to decorate your home, but unlike lights, garlands (usually) won’t up your electricity bill. You can always be confident in a traditional fir tree garland. They are made to stand up to the elements, and they compliment and style of home. However, you also have the choice of hundreds out other types of garlands. You can adorn your house in tiny acorn people, ice skates, yarn animals, sequins, or felt houses. Just remember that whatever you uses for your garland, to make sure that it can stand up to the weather. Some decorations are better outside than others.

4. Make your furniture festive

You can easily make your outdoor furniture more festive, and you have a few choices for how to do that. The easiest way is to switch out your current pillows for something more in the way of the holidays. This pillows can depicts animals, holiday scenes, or just be sparkly. All are great ways to show your love for the holidays. Another way to deck out your furniture is to change its color scheme. Though the traditional christmas colors are, of course, green and red, there’s no reason not to celebrate with other colors as well. As long as you pick a theme and stick to it, it will surely come out looking festive.

5. Decorate your greenery

It’s probably for for the best that if you have a tree that you keep it indoors. But that doesn’t mean your porch can’t have some festive greenery. Instead, try putting tiny decorations on the potted plants on your porch. This works best with stiffer plants like cacti and succulents, but you can try it with any kind. You can make tiny yarn garlands, little paper ornaments, and anything else you want to decorate your plants with. This is especially a great activity for kids. Just make sure that you help them place the ornaments so that no one gets a needle in there finger.

6. Cover your home in gold

Gold is a classic christmas color that offers and easy and impactful way to endow your space with some holiday spirit. You can cover your home in gold tinsel, put gold paint-dipped candle holders and vases on your porch or deck, and hang gold lights from your patio.

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