6 Delightful Deck Design Trends in 2019 That You Should Know About

Market Research Future (MRFR) estimates that as a global market, decking will increase by 1.37% or more by 2020. The census is clear: More people want an above-average deck design in 2019.

Wooden decks are still the most popular option this year. However, other deck designs are also ruling the roost in 2019.

Don’t settle for a basic deck when you can get an exceptional one. You deserve a deck you’ll be truly proud of. Plus, your guests will love spending time on your deck more than hanging out indoors.

Here are 6 deck design trends that are all the rage in 2019:

1. Down To Earth

When it comes to trendy deck design ideas, earthiness is in! Bring on the wood and plants.

Exotic hardwood decks are especially hot at the moment. That’s because exotic hardwood decks are more durable and stylish than other decks.

If you have a beautiful garden, why not flaunt it? Placing a deck near your garden will give guests a golden view of your plants.

2. Green-Friendly Composite Decks

Out of all the outdoor deck trends, composite decks are the most green-friendly. That’s because composite decking is made from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers.

Composite decks are easier on the environment and your wallet. They have a longer life span, but require less maintenance than other decks. So any extra money you spend on a composite deck’s construction will pay off big time.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Decks

The outdoor kitchen is the most innovative out of all the trending outdoor deck ideas. Your deck will feel even more like home with an outdoor kitchen.

Check out the outdoor kitchens that Diamond Decks can construct for you. Then you’ll understand why everyone needs one in their lives.

4. More Length

Adding length will make any outdoor deck design trendier. Think of a long outdoor deck as an extension of your living space. Long decks are en vogue because they make outdoor space more usable.

Don’t have enough space for a wrap around porch? A longer deck will add more dimension to your yard.

5. Cover Up

Decks with roof covers are becoming more popular. Putting coverage over your deck makes it more usable. The roof is a boon on hot, sunny days as well.

A slanted roof extension will make your deck feel more intimate. Plus, it lets you enjoy coffee on your porch when it’s raining out.

6. Freestanding Decks

There’s no rule that says a deck needs to attach to your house. A freestanding deck provides a gathering place away from your residence.

Freestanding decks are useful if you don’t have much space near the front or back entrances of your house.

Get The Trendy Deck Design of Your Dreams

Adding a deck increases your home value. Having a hot deck design will make your home seem more appealing to anyone who sees it.

Don’t try to build a deck by yourself. If it’s not up to code, the deck could collapse under an excessive amount of weight.

Stay stylish and safe—contact us with your ideas for your deck. We’ll make your vision a reality.