5 Reasons to Get a New Deck for Your Backyard

Have you been wondering if it’s time to build a new deck soon?

A backyard deck is more than just a place to drink your morning coffee and host priceless barbecue feasts. It’s a living space, a storage space, and an extension of your home.

But bad conditions can take the joy out of it and make your deck a big burden. After years of wear and tear from usage and the weather, your deck may be damaged and need a replacement.

There are many great reasons to build a new deck. Making better use of your yard, avoiding reparation costs, and adding value to your property, just to name a few.

Read on for more details.

1. Damage and Weakness

The wear and tear a deck withstands over time often leads to complications such as rot and structural weakness.

Chances are your old deck is sloppily built or hasn’t aged well, especially if an inexperienced deck builder installed it. Inspect the structure under the deck to spot any structural integrity issues.

Check the post connections, ledger boards, and joist hangers to make sure everything is secure and intact. If you’re unsure, contact a professional deck builder in San Antonio to assess the situation.

Parasites such as termites can cause structural damage and rot by degrading the wood as they eat through it. Water can collect in their holes and start rotting the boards.

Keeping planters around the deck can lead to warping of the boards, and water buildup can cause stains and damage. If you don’t fix it fast enough, it can wear down your boards and cause peeling and even rotting.

The more water accumulates in the wood, the easier it is for the parasites to eat through it. This leads to a steadily accelerating rot. If you see signs of rotting on your deck or notice the wood sagging, you should replace your deck.

You can test if your wood is soaking up water by sprinkling some onto the deck. If the water seeps into the wood, the sealant is worn out and you need to replace it along with any damaged boards to avoid the damage spreading.

Rotting issues and structural damage require a lot of work inspecting, replacing, repairing and resealing. And they have a tendency to return due to overlooked damage. If the problem has spread it’s often a better idea to simply get a new deck.

2. A New Deck Has Great ROI Potential

Building a deck provides one of the highest ROIs of all home remodeling projects.

Its both cheaper to do, and increases value more than converting an attic or building an addition. Wooden decks, in particular, have a higher national average ROI of around 80% while composite decks have a national average ROI of roughly 70%. This means either is a good choice that can boost your property value.

Another factor to keep in mind is how old decks that look like they may require replacement or cause accidents can turn future prospective buyers off and decrease your house’s value.

If your backyard has a good view, a bigger deck can still make it even better. The elevation and reach increase how far you can see into the distance, not to mention how much better your yard will look with a nice deck.

A well-thought-out deck can be worth a lot more than the sum of the materials and work that went into it.

Regardless of whether you’re planning to stay forever or eventually sell, a new deck will make your life nicer.

3. Increase Your Usable Space

Backyards aren’t always ideal for the things you want to use them for, like storing things or hosting that big family barbecue party. Slopes and uneven ground makes it hard to keep furniture level and makes it harder for the kids to play.

Have you ever tried to store things on the bare ground only to find them sunken, rusting, and entangled in weeds and spider webs within weeks? And you can’t build a shed for them because the ground is too uneven?

A deck takes care of all of these problems. You can create a perfectly flat, solid surface even on really tilted and unstable ground. You’ll increase your usable space significantly.

Even if you have a deck you may still have all these problems, either because the deck simply isn’t big enough or because the deck is structurally weak and not flat enough.

Do you dream of a nice lounge area or an outdoor kitchen? More space to relax in the backyard and entertain guests? A safe area where the kids can play?

Or maybe you’re just sick of hitting your elbows on things whenever you’re out on the deck? If any of these apply to you, a big deck is just what you’re looking for.

4. People Have Been Hurt

Splinters, protruding nails, rusty screws, cracked boards, collapsed handrails. Does any of this sound familiar?

Old decks bring many risks of stumbling, ripped clothing, gashes, and tetanus. And with them come the potential injuries and the resulting incapacitation and/or medical bills.

If any of this happens to a guest, you could be in for some expensive liability.

The wear and tear of aging eventually gets to the point where the boards crack and splinter and need replacing.

Some kinds of wood also shrink considerably as they dry out over the years. This leads to curves and gaps that make a stumbling hazard and let weeds grow through.

If you’ve experienced accidents caused by your deck, or you find yourself regularly needing to repair and replace parts to avoid such accidents, it’s time to get a new deck. Your body, family and friends, and your wallet will all thank you.

5. Your Deck Doesn’t Meet Building Codes.

Another risk that comes with an old deck is that it may not meet Texas building codes. You may stand to face a lawsuit if someone gets hurt or has an accident on your deck.

The specifications your deck must meet are too complex for this article, but if you look and find your deck doesn’t comply with the standards, a new deck is in order.

A professionally built new deck ensures you meet the requirements and will endure the test of time. If you’re thinking of building one yourself, you should contact local specialists for advice and inspection at the very least.

The quality and security you get from hiring professionals to build your deck are always worth it.

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