20 Outdoor Installations to Improve your Backyard

Looking to make a big improvement in your backyard? In this article, we’ll propose an exciting list of ideas — both big and small — that could change the way you enjoy your outdoor space for a long time to come!

  1. Outdoor Kitchen. An outdoor cooking space can make cooking relaxing and fun. It can help you cook at home during the summer months without having to worry about all that heat and humidity being released inside your home. Last but not least, it is perfect for entertaining guests!
  1. Swimming Pool. Speaking of the summer heat, what better way to stay cool (and have a blast) than by installing a swimming pool! Sure it’s a big investment, but the fun and exercise it inspires are sure to be priceless!
  1. Hot Tub. Relaxing after a long day of work, warming up on a cool evening, or starting your day with a one-of-a-kind experience — these are just a few of the things you’ll have to look forward to if you opt to install a hot tub.
  1. Deck. Make relaxing outdoors cleaner, more comfortable, and more stylish with a custom deck.
  1. Patio. If a deck isn’t right for you, why not consider installing a patio? With easier maintenance and slightly more longevity, patios offer a whole lot to love — and, as long as you select the right contractor, they can come at a very reasonable price!
  1. Patio Cover. Have you ever wished you could enjoy your patio (or deck) even in adverse weather conditions? With a patio cover, you could turn that dream into a reality. Patio covers are another affordable and relatively low-maintenance way to enhance your backyard, and they even offer a great way to suspend outdoor lighting!
  1. Treehouse. For families with kids, a treehouse can be the ultimate outdoor addition. As long as the structure is built carefully and with safety in mind (and as long as proper safe usage is stressed to the kids) a treehouse can be tons of fun!
  1. Fire Pit. Nothing says summertime fun like roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over a good fire. Why not install a fire pit (local regulations allowing) and enjoy this classic pastime whenever the mood strikes?
  1. Garden. There are so many options when it comes to installing your own garden. From a rustic vegetable garden to a beautiful and dainty flower collection to a pragmatic (and delicious) herb garden, your imagination and the local climate are the only real limitations on what you can do!
  1. Fence. “Good fences make great neighbors” goes the old joke, and sometimes this is more true than we’d like to admit. Even if you don’t have pesky neighbors, why not give your yard a more clearly defined space, along with increased privacy and security? Fences are a relatively affordable investment that can last a long time all while looking great!
  1. Lighting. Hanging outdoor lights can bring a multitude of benefits to your home. First and foremost, it can make hanging out in the evening far more enjoyable. They can also add safety: you are less likely to fall or have an accident, and bad guys are less likely to break into a home that is well lit!
  1. Hammock. One of the most affordable and most relaxing options on this entire list, a hammock can be installed in just a few moments but offers hours upon hours of refreshment and enjoyment. Napping, reading, chatting, or just chilling out — hammocks are perfect for all of it!
  1. Playground. Another idea that’s perfect for the kids. Installing a playground can be as simple as putting in a swing set, or it can be so complete as to form a mini park, complete with a slide, a seesaw, and a jungle gym! Either way, the little ones are sure to love it!
  1. Storage Shed. A storage shed can be both pragmatic and aesthetic. It can even make the inside of your home nicer by helping you store excess belongings that aren’t used with much frequency!
  1. Trees. Planting a tree or two is an easy and rewarding way to bring shade and greenery to your yard. Plus, the drainage that a tree’s root system offers is a nice insurance against excessive water buildup.
  1. Outdoor Furniture. Make relaxing outdoors easier and more stylish with an investment in outdoor furniture!
  1. Pergola. A pergola is a time-tested and highly sophisticated way of bringing shade to your backyard. Also great for ivy, lights, and other beautiful and/or useful additions.
  1. Enclosed Porch. Perfect for those overly-sunny or dismally-rainy days, an enclosed front porch offers fresh air with a bit of climate protection.
  1. Pathways. A pathway can add order and serenity to your yard. It can also prevent your well-cared-for grass from being needlessly trampled!
  1. Swing. A slow porch swing is the perfect way to relax on a summer morning!

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