10 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in your New Backyard

A beautiful, high-quality deck can give your backyard an entirely new energy. It can also facilitate and accompany a great number of year-round activities. Here are 10 fun outdoor activities to enjoy from the comfort of your back yard:

  1. Have a cookout. Nothing beats breaking out the grill and having a barbecue on a hot summer’s day. What a great way to spend an afternoon relaxing with friends and family and chowing down on some delicious food. Roasting burgers and franks may be the most typical choice–but don’t be afraid to spice things up with easy and impressive alternatives such as grilled pizza, fish, kabobs, or even french toast. Creativity counts, and experimenting can sometimes be just as satisfying as the delicious meals you enjoy after cooking.
  2. Start a garden. This can be one of the most satisfying long-term activities. With just a few hours of startup time and a few minutes each night, you can start and maintain a garden that will blossom into a fulfilling hobby! Flowers and decorative plants can give your yard an elegant new look. Or, if you’re more of a foodie, consider planning fresh fruits and vegetables to accompany your home-cooked meals.Whatever your preferences may be, you will be amazed at how much can be accomplished in a relatively small space. Additionally, a garden can be a great chance to teach kids important ideas about science, weather, food, and hard-work.
  3. Backyard Sports. For many children, backyard sports are a hallmark of summertime fun. (And many grown-ups continue having a blast with their kids for many years afterwards!) Wiffle Ball, touch football, and soccer are a few timeless classics–but don’t forget to let creativity, spontaneity (and a healthy dose of competitiveness!) rule the day.
  4. Summertime Water Fun. For those with a pool, watery fun in the sun is a no-brainer. Regardless, however, there are many ways to enjoy yourself while staying cool. Purchasing a simple hose-attachment based game such as a slippery slide is a great options–as are water balloons, kiddie pools, and playing games with the hose. Just make sure everyone remembers to put on sunscreen and stay hydrated!
  5. Leaf Piles, Snowmen, and More. The end of summer doesn’t need to signify an end to all outdoorsy fun. In fact, there are a number of seasonal activities that lend themselves to the cooler months. Even chores such as raking the leaves can be quite a bit of fun when children are encouraged to build jumping piles and fortresses with the leaves, for example. Wintertime offers even more fun–with snowmen, snow angels, igloos, snowball fights, and so many other childhood classics.
  6. Build a Bonfire. Assuming that local laws and regulations allow for it, building a bonfire can be a wonderful social activity any time of the year. Roasting marshmallows and sausages, sipping cocoa, and chatting with friends and family as the fire burns down are just a few great reasons to consider this beloved backyard activity.
  7. Silly Outdoor Games For Kids and Adults. There are so many backyard games out there–many of which can be played without making any purchase at all. Examples include tag, hide and seek, red rover, and hopscotch. Or, with just a small purchase of toys, games like jump rope, cornhole, twister, and frisbee offer endless hours of active fun.
  8. Backyard Campouts. Pitch a tent, tell scary stories, and sleep out under the stars–all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of having your home within walking distance! A backyard campout can be fun and exciting for the whole family, and it goes hand-in-hand with virtually every other activity listed in this article.
  9. Have a picnic. If you want to enjoy a meal outdoors but don’t feel like firing up the grill, why not pack a simple lunch, some sodas, and a blanket and have a nice meal in the outdoors. Bring some fun games and enjoy an afternoon with the kids. Alternatively, bring a book and have some relaxing time to yourself. Or bring a bottle of wine and a desert to create a romantic getaway with your partner. The possibilities are endless!
  10. Play Cards. There are so many classic card games to enjoy while out enjoying a picnic or while relaxing on your deck. Again, there are great games for virtually all ages: whether playing go-fish with the kids or high-stakes Texas hold-em with your friends, cards offer excitement and fun for the whole family.

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